LONG john Baldry said....

Bobby is one of Canada's great guitarists and his talent is equal to many of the world's great guitarists ”

Bobby Cameron's double header Opener for RANDY BACHMAN!

Long & Mcquade SONgwriting 101 / with Bobby CAmeron & MArk PUffer / AKA Counterparts

Long & Mcquade SOngwriting 101

with Bobby Cameron & Mark Puffer

Songwriting to me has been a humbling and exciting ride. From the many co-writing sessions over the years to sitting in publishers' offices reviewing my catalogue, I learned you gotta check your ego at the door. I’ve always said the music business will take care of a fragile ego real fast. You gotta grow a tough skin,

Looking back over my shoulder I learned so much from co-writing with great writers and producers who really moved the needle globally. From the great John Capek to the legendary Stan Meissner, to the word doctor himself Daryl Burgess , to Mr. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Eddie Swartz, then calling on the outstanding Stewart MacDougall, to hooking up with powerhouse artist Jully Black down to the many hit makers I spent time with writing for Canadian Idol, of which on one occasion put me In a room writing with the world-class Marc Jordan, you can’t help but walk away with a bag of tricks, tips and protocol on how to tackle the game of writing. These guys and gals got it right because they worked hard writing, rewriting and rewriting again until it was ready to cut loose and not before.

This Sunday, March 26 , 6 to 9 PM, at Long & McQuade (Edmonton Highlands), Mark Puffer and myself will be hosting a FREE in-store songwriting clinic sharing what we learned during our time spent in this crazy business of making music.

Istanbul - Wins 2nd place-lyric catagory-international songwriting competition (isc)

"Istanbul" written by Scot Robinson and Bobby Cameron wins second place in the International Songwriting Competition and a finalist in two other categories. 

1. Folk Singer-Songwriter

2. Unpublished

"Istanbul" is taking from a project called "Scott Free Sessions" to be released in 2020. 

With over 18,000 entries from 140 countries, Scot Robinson and Bobby Cameron made it to the semi-finals with other cowrites such as:

1. Ford Motel - Semi-Finalist -  Americana

2. Everything's Right - Semi-Finalist - Blues

3. Beckett - Semi-Finalist- Folk Singer-Songwriter

4. How That Girl Could Love - Semi-Finalist- Unsigned Only


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Thanks for jumping on board. Grateful for all the support. Hope you enjoy this free download called "Boogie Woogie King". A song I wrote for the late great Long John Baldry. It's a tribute to John and the time I spent touring with him.