The Way it Is

Bobby Cameron

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One of the rawest recordings to ever be released by Bobby Cameron. Every part of this track is on the edge from his vocals to his Fender Telecaster. Straight from the heart of his love for the blues, this song is loaded with the many influences that made their way into Bobby's bloodstream growing up in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Somewhere down on the corner where Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Stones, you'll find Bobby Cameron's latest single "The Way It Is."

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Istanbul - Wins 2nd place-lyric catagory-international songwriting competition (isc)

"Istanbul" written by Scot Robinson and Bobby Cameron wins second place in the International Songwriting Competition and a finalist in two other categories. 

1. Folk Singer-Songwriter

2. Unpublished

"Istanbul" is taking from a project called "Scott Free Sessions" to be released in 2020. 

With over 18,000 entries from 140 countries, Scot Robinson and Bobby Cameron made it to the semi-finals with other cowrites such as:

1. Ford Motel - Semi-Finalist -  Americana

2. Everything's Right - Semi-Finalist - Blues

3. Beckett - Semi-Finalist- Folk Singer-Songwriter

4. How That Girl Could Love - Semi-Finalist- Unsigned Only


LONG john Baldry said....

Bobby is one of Canada's great guitarists and his talent is equal to many of the world's great guitarists ”

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Thanks for jumping on board. Grateful for all the support. Hope you enjoy this free download called "Boogie Woogie King". A song I wrote for the late great Long John Baldry. It's a tribute to John and the time I spent touring with him.