Hello everyone, Happy New Year! I trust you're doing well.

Just a brief update  – I'm open for business in these areas: 

Music Producer 

Guitar Instructor

Artist Development 

Songwriting Development

Songwriting Clinics

Performance Coaching 

Guitarist For Hire


 Web Developer 

Should you have any inquiries or wish to discuss my services, including costs and additional details, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Let's engage in a conversation to explore the potential for collaboration.

Wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead.


Bobby C

1. Music Producer:

Music Production: Demos, Singles, EPs and Full-Length CDs Styles: Pop, Rock, County, Country Rock, Country Pop, Folk, Blues, Blues Rock, Roots & Roots Rock.  

2. Guitar Instructor:

One-on-one guitar classes with concentrations in Pop, Rock, Blues, Country and folk. From acoustic to electric.  

3. Artist Development:

Working with, developing and advising artists in all areas of their careers. A DIY approach to surviving and thriving in today's music industry.  

4. Song Development:

Developing and strengthening songwriting skills in areas of lyric writing, melodies, chord progressions, and arrangements. These sessions include a high-quality voice/instrument song demo. 

5. Performance Coach:

Tutor sessions to help strengthen your skill sets as a live performer. Proven techniques and tricks to help reel in your audience and deliver a great show. Developing, strengthening and building artist confidence, their presentation, and live performance. Helping to cultivate and build a winning mindset. Tools and strategies to roll out a showcase and concert more effectively. Learning how to work, move and interact more effectively with your audience along with building a strong setlist and set flow.  

6. Guitarist For Hire: 

Sideman or session guitarist for hire.

7. Mentor: 

I share my knowledge from over 40 years in the music business across many platforms that run the gamut from artist to music producer.  

8. Website Developer /Graphic Artist:

Graphic design for CD projects, websites, and all social media platforms. Branding & Logo designs. Full Website Development.